Our Services

  • Brokerage Service

  • Online Securities private limited is one of the leading brokerage firm in Nepal. we are authorized company by Nepal's Share market regulator Security Board of nepal (SEBON), and is the Member of Nepal Stock exchange limited (NEPSE). We provide best brokerage service to our clinet. Our brokerage company's main duty is to like a middle man that connects buyers and sellersto facilate a transaction or A stock broker also called a registred representative, investment advisor or broker is a professional individual who executes buy and sell orders for stocks through a stock market on behaf of clients. Brokerage company tpically recive commission as per rules of goverment once the transaction has sucessfully completed. 

    As per rules of Securities Board Of Nepal our stock brokerage charges per transaction are.

    S.N. Transaction amount from Transaction amount to Charges.
    1 1 4166 Rs. 25
    2 4167 50,000 0.6%
    3 50,001 5,00,000 0.55%
    4 5,00,001 20,00,000 0.50%
    5 20,00,001 1,00,00,000 0.45%
    6 Above 1,00,00,000   0.40%

  • Depository Services

  • Online Securities Private limited is a Depository Participant (DP) licensed by Securities Board of Nepal and Member of CDS & Clearing Limited. we have opened 15,000 + Demat accounts and providing DP service.

    we provide follwoing servic to our client.

    • Open DEMAT accounts.
    • Dematerialization/Rematrialization of securities.
    • Maintain records of seurities in the electrinic form. 
    • settlement trades by transferring / receiving the securities  form/in Demat account.
    • provide electronic credit of seurities allotted by ussuers during IPO, Bonus, Right shares.
    • share pledge and unpledge.
    As per rules of CDS & Clearing Limited our DP services Charges are.

    S.N. Service. Charge
    1 Account opening 50
    2 Account operation 100 per annum
    3 Pledge 50 per pledge
    4 Share transfer (buy/sell) 25 per transfer
    5 Unpledged Free
    6 Share demat Free
    7 Statement  print free

  • Online Trading

  • Online share trading is  buying and selling of shares in listed companies, usually over the internet. It has given the ability to invest in the the share market to anyone with a computer or smartphone with an interne t connection. An online share trading paltform acts as your broker, facilitatting your purchase and sales of shares. A broker is simply a proson who is licensed to trade stocks through stock exchange and cen either be on trading floor, or more commonly,makes trade by electronically. 

    complete following steps to get online trading platform of Online Securities private limited.

    Open broker trading account.
    Open Demat account (if you already have provide details).
    Sign online trading  Agreement.
    Deposit collaterl amount for limit.

  • Online Account Open

  • Online Securities Private limited offers a secure and convenient way to open broker trading and demat account to everyone who want's to connect with us  at anytime from anywhere. To open online account please go to Online registration menu and click on required account type and provide your details on all compulsary field and attach your rquired document and submit to us. If you have any quries about online account opening please go to our menu info center nad click on FAQs  and search about your query if you are not satisfied from there please don't hesitate to contact us find our contact details on contact us menu.

  • Meroshare

  • Now you can check your Demat Account statement using meroshare. this service is provided by CDS & Clearing limited. if you haden't register fot if you please download mero share from and submit to us. you have to pay Rs. 50 per year to use mero share.

    Features of Meroshare.

    • Check your Demat Account Statement from anywhere.
    • Check your Demat Account details.
    • Check your account transaction history. 
    • Check your portfolio.
    • Check your pledge details (if your share is in pledge).
    • You can apply share (IPO, FPO, Right).
    • You can change your Demat Account's bank details.
    • You can do EDIS for sold scrip.